What are your prices?

All our prices are conveniently located on our website under the pricing tab.

What is included into the price?

Airbrush, lashes, and all inclusive hair-styling. At this moment, blowouts are not included in our price.

Can I mix and match levels?

Unfortunately, we do not offer the option of mixing and matching levels. Level descriptions can be found on our service page. Select one level to get started!

To secure your wedding, we require a 25% retainer fee and signed contract all done electronically.

how Do i secure my wedding?

Besides price, the only major difference is experience. Our junior pro artists are the newest to the industry with 3 months to 1 year experience. Senior level artists have 3-5 years experience. Master artists have 5-10 years experience. Holli has over 10 years experience.

what is the difference between levels?

What is your service minimum?

During high seasons which include, October, November, March, April and May we have a $500 service minimum for all Saturday weddings. All other months and dates are a $300 service minimum.

Two hour Minimum

Special Events:
Two Service Minimum
*During high season Saturdays, we have a $500 service minimum between the hours of 8:00AM-3:00PM.

Are airbrush and lashes included?

Airbrush and lashes are included in all our services. It is not required and does not change the price if you choose to forgo either.

Nope! Trials are not required but encouraged. It gives you a chance to build rapport with your artists and to develop a look that you love for your wedding day. Trials are a separate cost, paid at the time of your trial.

Do I have to schedule a Trial?

Depends on many factors! We have seen it all! There is no right or wrong time. However, we do encourage you to come in sooner than later as our availability books up fast.

When do you suggest that i schedule my trial?

I have a special event or engagement shoot and want to have my trial the same day.

This is great and we will always do our best to accommodate special events! Please keep in mind when booking your engagement photos that weekends are typically dedicated to booked weddings. Just ask and we will always do our best to accommodate your request! Please keep in mind, that while trials are great for engagement photos, the chances of you wanting a different style of hair and makeup for your wedding is high. We suggest booking special event services for your engagement photos!

Of course! Just let us know how many services you need and we will send a customized proposal to you. If you are unsure how many ladies want services, don’t let that hold you back! We can work with you on any changes that occur.

Can i book my wedding before my trial?

Not to worry! About fifty percent of our brides live out of state and have their trials closer to the day of their wedding. Depending on the wedding day, we will encourage you to secure your wedding to guarantee that we are available for you!

I live out of state and cannot come in
for a trial until
Closer to my

Yes! Always.

is the same artists who
is doing my
trail,the same
artists for
my wedding?

All trials are held in our studio located at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall.

do i come to you for a trial?

We do not charge travel fees within 50 miles of our studio. If it is above the 50 mile radius, it is a $1 per mile, round trip, or a flat rate per artists.

do you charge a travel fee?

Nope! Again, being the largest hair and makeup company in Arizona we have a team large enough to accommodate big wedding parties. Our largest is 30 people to date!

do you have a maximum amount of services?

how many hours should i expect on my wedding?

Average day of beauty services range 4-5 hours on location. We can curate a customize bridal beauty schedule for you!