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Holli Chris, the creator of Kensington Makeup and Kensington Makeup Academy, makeup hoarder, Cali girl, connoisseur of spreadsheets, broker for beauty, and mother of makeup students. She is the brains and beauty behind the company--- she literally has her graduate degree in Neuroscience from King's College London.

Not only does Holli love the look in her client's eyes when she is done working her magic, she is also extremely passionate about educating young women to design a life that they love through makeup, as she has.

What's in a name? London lover and all things British, Holli opened a tube map and put her finger on Kensington.

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Natasha is the Kensington Makeup beauty concierge, who cuts through the fluff with her wizard wand and gets down to the details. She wins the annual clean inbox award and loves to organize her life into color coordinate checklists. No detail is ever missed when planning your beauty needs.
Hello operator! Keep the lines of communication open - questions, comments, or concerns? She will make sure to put your mind at ease and do everything she can to accommodate.