This is what you can expect to learn during your character makeup certification course.

- Understanding female lines/ contouring
- Neutralizing facial hair
- Brow block
Female to Male:
- Understanding male lines/ contouring
- Stippling facial hair
- Laying facial hair
Aging: (Old Woman)
- Understanding age lines
- Age spots and veins
- Adding stipple texture to skin
- Greying hair
- Understanding tradition
- Designs

Tattoo Design: (Full Sleeve)
- Stencils
- Airbrush
Body painting basics
- Hand painting (Zoo/ skulls)
- Flowers (Garden of Eden)
Non- realistic painting
- Abstract
- Comic - pop art
Realistic painting - Dimensional
- Skulls (Sugar Skulls)
- Cracks/ veins / cuts (Corpse Bride/Doll)
Bald Cap:
(galaxy body painting)
Injury Unit Intro:
- Dirt
- Cuts
- Bruises
- Bullet holes
- Burns
(Joker and Two-face)
(Monster/ under cover disguise )