5 Alternatives to Wine Night with your favorite Girl Group Chat in Scottsdale, AZ

We know that the typical wine night at your favorite classy bar can get old, so we found some new places to take your favorite girls! Whether it's a weekly get-together, or your friends are in from out of town, these ideas are sure to make for a great night out! 

1) Escape the Room: This attraction is just like real-life Clue! It's full of mystery, trivia, puzzles, and fun! Answer trivia questions and solve puzzles in order to escape anywhere from a pretend apartment or bank. It's great for all of the girls and brings friends closer together!

2) Kensington Makeup BYOB: Bring your favorite bottle of Merlot and settle in for a night of learning new makeup techniques and hair styles from the artists at Kensington! You have fun, drink, gossip, and leave feeling gorgeous and re-energized!

3) Pinot's Palette: Bring a sense of creativity and have wine while you and all of your friends make a masterpiece! An instructor leads the class, and the first glass of wine is on them. Let the creative juices flow! 

4) Top Golf: This activity is sure to get you and your best girlfriends competitive in the most fun way possible! And there is no need for athleticism here! The driving range is great with game options and delicious food and drinks! Perfect at any time of the year! 

5) Geisha a Go Go Karaoke: Hang out with all of your friends have a night of singing and laughter. Rooms are available for reservation. Check online for Happy Hour Specials! 

Reserve a room!

Reserve a room!

~Steph & Jen

The Secret to Long Lasting Makeup!

We've all been there, it's 5:00PM and Happy Hour is calling. You look in the mirror and notice your makeup has pretty much melted off. Why is this happening? Probably because you did not use a primer prior to your makeup application. For example, you don't paint a wall without pre- treating it, same for your face.  Primers even help smooth fine lines and wrinkles! Now ask yourself these questions to make sure you choose the RIGHT primer for your skin.

  1. What kind of skin do you have? Oily, dry, red, dark circles, or weird undertones?

Dry Skin:  Do you deal with itchy patches? Skip out on the silicone based primers unless they are specifically hydrating. Go for a hydrating primer that will help blend your makeup and create a beautiful dewy finish. My fav is this hydrating primer by Smashbox.

Oily Skin:  Do you have a constant battle with shine throughout the day? You usually have larger pores and break out very easily. A mattifying primer will be your best friend. It will absorb the oil without making you look too dry. Make Up For Ever has an ahhhmazing matte primer.

Combination Skin: This is the most common skin type. You get occasional oiliness in your T-zone. Mix & match your primers, use mattifying in your T-zone and hydrating in your dry areas!

Sensitive Skin: Your skin gets red and irritated easily. Use a gentle water based primer such as Lorac's AquaPrime. It does not have any perfumes, parabens,oil, or silicone.

Tinted Primers: Do you have dark spots? Redness? Dull skin? Use a tinted primer. Green -will get rid of those red spots (pimples). Lavender- brighten dull or sallow skin. Apricot- even out skin tone and brighten dark spots.