7 Tips To Ensure You Enjoy Your Wedding Day

You should be enjoying your special day not stressing over little matters that could have been prevented. Here are seven tips for you soon to be brides to ensure you enjoy your wedding day!

1) Eat a high protein and high carb breakfest.
This food will keep your body going due to the fact that it will take a while for your body to digest. 

Image found on inspyir.com. 

Image found on inspyir.com

2) Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. 
You don’t want to be rushed that morning, you want to be able to relax and drink with your bridesmaids. 

This Image was found on agwpja.com.

This Image was found on agwpja.com.

3) Have the groom to discuss expectations for behavior.
uys have a little less control when it comes to celebrations. If you want a level of orderliness make sure you set the standards as soon as possible. 

Image found on wallflowerphoto.com. 

Image found on wallflowerphoto.com

4) Break in your shoes!
If you bought new shoes for your wedding day, make sure you break them in before hand. You don’t want to ruin your fun because your feet hurt from those new blisters forming! Make sure to pack some flats for the reception. 

Image found on Bagshoes.net. 

Image found on Bagshoes.net

5) Create a wedding day emergency kit.
Items to include would be first aid kit, tampons, Tide To Go stain remover, powder, lipstick, bobby pins. etc. 

Image found on Bridebox.com. 

Image found on Bridebox.com

6) Stay poised during the best man and bridesmaid’s speeches. 
If someone says something inappropriate just let it pass. A big reaction can draw more attention to it than you want 

Image found on erikpatton.photoshelter.com. 

7) Limit your alcohol consumption
You want to remember your wedding day. Drink one full glass of water between each alcoholic drink. 

Image found on bridalcookie.com. 

Image found on bridalcookie.com