5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding.

Planning a wedding can be quite overwhelming! There are so many things to consider especially if you are on a tight budget which is why we have compiled five simple ways to save on your big day! 

1) Finding your venue. 
A nontraditional venue such as an aquarium, a historical site, or a gallery. The site fees to these venues typically aren't high plus you’ll save tons of money on decor because the venue already holds unique atmosphere. Other options could be to rent a vacation home. If the owners charge you a weeks worth of rent for that day, it will still cost less than a venue. When considering the ceremony and reception, holding both at the same place saves on multiple site fees as well as transportation. Also, be sure to look for reception packages. Venues that provide food and catering services will save you a good chunk of money! 

2) Time
Timing is everything. When considering the season you’re more likely to get a better price for a venue in January through March than you are for the same place in June and September. Cutting the length of your reception to 3 hours instead of five will also save you some cash. Everyone will still enjoy themselves and your wallet will be happy as well. The day of which you marry is also another important factor in saving big bucks. Holding your reception on a Thursday, friday, or Sunday instead because most venues charge a premium fee for Saturday weddings. Furthermore, having an afternoon wedding or a Sunday Brunch often cost less than an evening one because people typically don’t drink as much during the day. 

3) Fake your cake
Fondant and tiered cakes can add up quickly. Instead have a baker make the bottom tiers a facade by icing and decorating a styrofoam wheel. Have the smallest layer be the real cake for cutting. Then have basic sheet cakes in the back for the caterers to serve to your guests. 

Image found on liliu.co. 

Image found on liliu.co

4) Your Dress.
Try shopping for white dresses that are specifically wedding gowns. Shopping for teen prom dresses off season can really save you some big bucks and not to mention the dresses are still amazing! You could also go to a department store and purchase a dress, have a really talented seamstress make some alterations and you’ll have the perfect gown! Consider buying a used dress from ebay, oncewed.com or preownedweddingdresses.com so save on designer gowns! 

Dress found on etsy.com

Dress found on etsy.com

5) Save on small fees. 
Sometimes we overlook delivery charges or rental fees, but they can really pack a punch on your wallet. If you have anyone who can pick up flowers, cake, or whatever you may have you can save a ton on delivery charges. Also finding spaces that offer free table and chair setup. Most major venues get you with those rental fees. 

Although these might seem like small change you are saving but they all add up! These tips could really save you an arm and a leg or two. Have fun planning your wedding and we hope these tips helped! Good luck.