How to incorporate Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year into Your wedding.

         Marsala was declared color of 2015 by Pantone due to the richness of the tasteful hue. It can be added as a strong accent to a color theme or make a great statement by standing on its own. Its full bodied characteristics can be accentuated when its paired with textured surfaces, making it an ideal choice for wedding features. Its a stylish tone that is appealing to bother men and women translates well into beauty and interior design. Here are a few ways to incorporate the color tone into your wedding. 

1. Red Velvet Desserts
Aside from being delicious, red velvet also happens to be Marsala’s color tone. This is a great way of incorporating Pantone’s color of the year without being obvious. Red Velvet macarons are a party favorite. 


2. Complimentary Colors
Marsala makes for a great accent color. Its rich tone easily compliments makes for a lavish and elegant feeling. This can be done by adding red berries to your champagne glasses, or pairing marsala hued florals with gold table settings. Another popular team is dusty rose, peach, and Marsala to lighten the atmosphere of your wedding. These champagne hues illuminate Marsala creating a gradient effect of deep rich winter tones to pastel spring colors. 


3. Rose Gold Beauty 
Marsala is a beautiful way to incorporate pinker tones without being loud with your makeup or hair. Its vixenish yet subtle, a great color that provides highlight for the cheek bones, soft eyeshadow hues, and lips. Theres also the option of having rose blush semi-permanent balayage hair (see Park Avenue Blog for this story). 

There you have it, three simples way to incorporate Pantone's color of the year into your special day. Marsala is vivid and at the same time sophisticated, the full-bodied red-brown will bring warmth into your wedding.