3 Bridal Shower Game Ideas

Being a bride-to-be can be very overwhelming, besides planning the actual wedding you have to plan other events such as your bachelorette party and your bridal shower! For this very reason we’re doing a blog series dedicated just to aid you in devising your bridal shower. So how do you add some spunk into the bridal shower of your dreams? We’ve created a list of fun games you can bust out during your bridal shower. Its sure to allow all your guests to do a little bonding before the wedding date. 

1) Two Truths and a Lie
This is a great game to break the ice while swapping some funny stories! Have each of your guests introduce themselves and share three experiences she had with the bride. Obviously two of the experiences have to be facts while one has to be fiction. 

Image found on Etsy. 

Image found on Etsy

2) Bridal Bingo
Bridal bingo can provide a little entertainment to your guests with simplicity. When it comes time to opening presents, each guest will fill out the game board with a gift that she thinks the bride will receive. The first guest to get five in a row wins! 

Image found on stagandhendoideas.com. 

Image found on stagandhendoideas.com

3) Bridal Pictionary
This game is exactly like the original game except it will be wedding themed! You can use wedding related phrases on the slips of paper such as “tossing the bouquet” or “tie the knot”. The winning game is the first to guess 10!

Hopefully these ideas helped sparked some inspiration for your bridal shower festivities. Happy planning! 

5 Braided Bridal Hairstyles

Braids have become a very popular trend. They are simple yet elegant touch to any bride's hair do! We have gathered 5 stunning ways to incorporate the popular crave into your hairstyle. 

This glamourous curled hairstyle slightly resembles a braid and would be perfect accompanied with any hair ornament. 

Image found on Brides.com.

Image found on Brides.com.

For our brides who love tiaras a double braided band could be used to support the accessory and add some texture to the hair.

Image found on brides.com.

Image found on brides.com.

Adding a couple braids to the classic chignon makes for a really elegant updo.

Image found on brides.com.

Image found on brides.com.

Braiding your fringe is a great way to keep your pesky baby hairs out of your way while adding an intricate twist to your romantic updo. 

Image found on brides.com.

Image found on brides.com.

Spice up your hair up hairstyle with a waterfall braid. Its so pretty and eye catching.

We hope these 5 different braids have inspired you to add the trend into your wedding up do. Good luck! 

7 Tips To Ensure You Enjoy Your Wedding Day

You should be enjoying your special day not stressing over little matters that could have been prevented. Here are seven tips for you soon to be brides to ensure you enjoy your wedding day!

1) Eat a high protein and high carb breakfest.
This food will keep your body going due to the fact that it will take a while for your body to digest. 

Image found on inspyir.com. 

Image found on inspyir.com

2) Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. 
You don’t want to be rushed that morning, you want to be able to relax and drink with your bridesmaids. 

This Image was found on agwpja.com.

This Image was found on agwpja.com.

3) Have the groom to discuss expectations for behavior.
uys have a little less control when it comes to celebrations. If you want a level of orderliness make sure you set the standards as soon as possible. 

Image found on wallflowerphoto.com. 

Image found on wallflowerphoto.com

4) Break in your shoes!
If you bought new shoes for your wedding day, make sure you break them in before hand. You don’t want to ruin your fun because your feet hurt from those new blisters forming! Make sure to pack some flats for the reception. 

Image found on Bagshoes.net. 

Image found on Bagshoes.net

5) Create a wedding day emergency kit.
Items to include would be first aid kit, tampons, Tide To Go stain remover, powder, lipstick, bobby pins. etc. 

Image found on Bridebox.com. 

Image found on Bridebox.com

6) Stay poised during the best man and bridesmaid’s speeches. 
If someone says something inappropriate just let it pass. A big reaction can draw more attention to it than you want 

Image found on erikpatton.photoshelter.com. 

7) Limit your alcohol consumption
You want to remember your wedding day. Drink one full glass of water between each alcoholic drink. 

Image found on bridalcookie.com. 

Image found on bridalcookie.com

Bridal Hairstyles for Short Bobs

    Short hair is edgy, spunky and easy to work with. However, brides with short hair can be trouble with limited options of how to wear their short hair for their big day. Too ordinary to wear down, too short to put it up- it can be a stressful dilemma. Having short hair doesn’t mean you have to be a plain jane on your wedding day- just make it work for you! We’ve gather several options for you to test out during any of your trials. From a sexy tousled look, finger waves, or sleep faux dos, the options are really limitless. You just have to think outside the box when it comes to bridal bobs. Make the most of your hair length. 

Quiff is a hairstyle that combines the 1950’s pompadour, 50s flattop, and mohawk. There’s different ways to style a quiff, you can go edgy or retro with a curly quiff! 


Braided bobs
Add a little umph to your short do by adding braids. Braids provide a great accent without having the hassle of buying anymore accessories. 

Tousled Waves
Waves will always be in style. Its soft and romantic and perfect for your wedding day. 

Marilyn curls
This is such a sexy voluminous look! Vamp up your short do by adding volume and body. 

Asymmetic side do with accessories
Side dos are always a good choice. It adds a done look and you can polish it by adding a sparkly hair accessory.

These edgy yet classy styles will be sure to turn heads for as you walk down the aisle. Have your hairstylist try these styles at your trial. Good Luck! 

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding.

Planning a wedding can be quite overwhelming! There are so many things to consider especially if you are on a tight budget which is why we have compiled five simple ways to save on your big day! 

1) Finding your venue. 
A nontraditional venue such as an aquarium, a historical site, or a gallery. The site fees to these venues typically aren't high plus you’ll save tons of money on decor because the venue already holds unique atmosphere. Other options could be to rent a vacation home. If the owners charge you a weeks worth of rent for that day, it will still cost less than a venue. When considering the ceremony and reception, holding both at the same place saves on multiple site fees as well as transportation. Also, be sure to look for reception packages. Venues that provide food and catering services will save you a good chunk of money! 

2) Time
Timing is everything. When considering the season you’re more likely to get a better price for a venue in January through March than you are for the same place in June and September. Cutting the length of your reception to 3 hours instead of five will also save you some cash. Everyone will still enjoy themselves and your wallet will be happy as well. The day of which you marry is also another important factor in saving big bucks. Holding your reception on a Thursday, friday, or Sunday instead because most venues charge a premium fee for Saturday weddings. Furthermore, having an afternoon wedding or a Sunday Brunch often cost less than an evening one because people typically don’t drink as much during the day. 

3) Fake your cake
Fondant and tiered cakes can add up quickly. Instead have a baker make the bottom tiers a facade by icing and decorating a styrofoam wheel. Have the smallest layer be the real cake for cutting. Then have basic sheet cakes in the back for the caterers to serve to your guests. 

Image found on liliu.co. 

Image found on liliu.co

4) Your Dress.
Try shopping for white dresses that are specifically wedding gowns. Shopping for teen prom dresses off season can really save you some big bucks and not to mention the dresses are still amazing! You could also go to a department store and purchase a dress, have a really talented seamstress make some alterations and you’ll have the perfect gown! Consider buying a used dress from ebay, oncewed.com or preownedweddingdresses.com so save on designer gowns! 

Dress found on etsy.com

Dress found on etsy.com

5) Save on small fees. 
Sometimes we overlook delivery charges or rental fees, but they can really pack a punch on your wallet. If you have anyone who can pick up flowers, cake, or whatever you may have you can save a ton on delivery charges. Also finding spaces that offer free table and chair setup. Most major venues get you with those rental fees. 

Although these might seem like small change you are saving but they all add up! These tips could really save you an arm and a leg or two. Have fun planning your wedding and we hope these tips helped! Good luck. 

Bridal Bouquet Alternatives

For the non traditional bride, floral bouquets can be considered very average. Fortunately, there are so many alternatives to floral bouquets its hard to choose from! These are great because they can be kept forever and serves as great memorial pieces. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite non-floral bouquets below. 

Feathers are great for creating elegantly whimsical bouquets. We found several sellers on Etsy who create these bouquets at pretty reasonable prices. 

Image found on Etsy. 

Image found on Etsy

Image found on Etsy. 

Image found on Etsy

Jewels are a great way to add some glam and glitz to your non traditional bouquet. These are great for the bride who wants to add some sparkle to her wedding attire.

Image found on Etsy. 

Image found on Etsy

For a classically glamourous touch, pearl beads are perfect for a non traditional spin on a formal bouquet.  These go great with any toned dress as well.

Image found on Etsy. 

Image found on Etsy

Image found on Etsy. 

Image found on Etsy

Ribbon Roses
Ribbon roses are great for day time ceremonies. You won't have to worry about your lovely florals wilting in the heat. 

Image found on LiveViewStudios.com

Image found on LiveViewStudios.com

These out of the box bouquets are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Not to mention you can keep these as a memorabilia of your special day! 

DIY Projects: Escort Cards

Besides saving money, DIY projects can help you can gain new knowledge, skills, as well as a feeling of satisfaction. DIY projects will add a personal touch to your wedding, and definitely add uniqueness. We have collected some sweet DIY escort card ideas that will please you and your guests! 

Pinwheel escort cards are a cute and easy display. Origami paper works well with this project because of the different patterns on both sides of the paper. Click here to view how to make these pinwheel cards. Click here to see how the pinwheels above were created. 

DIY ombre seashell escort case are a great way to greet your guests. These can even be used for any nautical or beach themed as well as play a faint role for any bride who is missing the ocean. Click here to see how these creative shells are made. 

Personalized vases are super simple and inexpensive ways to seat your guests. You can use old baby food jars and fill them with flowers or even candy! You just need to purchase a $5 paint pen. Click here to view how to make these cute personalized vases.

Bookmark escort cards are super vintage and have been very popularly in wedding themes this year. It’s a cute quirky touch to your wedding reception and a great accent to any Harry Potter themed wedding (click here to read our blog post on creative wedding themes)! Click here to see how to make these cute book marks!

Guide your guests to their seats with these simple and bright stack escort cards. This is an adorable way to display your guest's names not to mention the are very affordable! These are perfect simple accents for any luscious table display. Click here for the instructions on how to create these cards. 

These mini canvas and stand are a charming escort card idea. They add personality to the place setting and are an adorable way to display your little works of art. Click here to see how to recreate these escort cards. 

Vendor Spotlight: Andrea Leslie

Andrea Leslie is a local wedding planner we have worked closely with on several weddings. She is always such a pleasure to work with being a wonderful coordinator. Not to mention an all around kind ] person (she even brings snacks for our artists on the day of the wedding). Here are some interesting facts she shared in a recent chat we had. Read the interview below.

1) What inspired you to get into the wedding/coordinating industry? 
-Being from the Northwest, it would only be natural that my love for weddings started there. When I was about 7 years old and on vacation at the Coeur d’Alene Resort with my family, I saw a bride float through the lobby. Her fingers interlocked with her new husband’s and her train in the hand of a woman that could not look more overjoyed to helping this beautiful woman on her big day. It may sound crazy, but it was in that moment that I fell in love with weddings. I am very fortunate that my dream job is what I believe I was meant to do.

2) What makes your service unique?
What makes my service unique is the personal care and attention that I provide each couple. I personally have a role in each wedding and communicate with every client throughout the planning whether they have hired my team for "month of " coordination or full service planning.

3) What other events do you host?
-Although weddings are where I focus most of my energy and effort, I also help with rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, baby showers and private parties. 

4) Tell us about your team? 
-I am blessed with an amazing team of women. Although I personally plan/coordinate all our events, I could not do it without my team. Devon is my primary assistant and has been with ALWE for a year and half. My other assistants are involved on an as needed basis and are equally as important and appreciated.

5) What do you love about planning arizona weddings?
-I love the variety and all the possibilities! The muted palette of the desert landscape provides such a beautiful setting for events. However, if you are looking for a lush green ceremony or want to host your event in a more modern location, there are plenty of options available.  

6) What are some upcoming bridal/wedding trends for fall/winter?
-There are a couple trends that I think we will see a lot of for fall. First, rich color palettes. I have a lot of couples incorporating rich reds, purples and metallics in their weddings. Second, non traditional attire. We are seeing brides in jumpsuits and two piece dresses, as well as embracing colored options. We are seeing grooms embracing colored tuxedos and patterns in their vests and ties. 

7) How long have you been in the industry and how has it changed since you started? 
-I have been in the industry for six and half years. When I first started I was fortunate to work at a venue and saw many people that wanted a "cookie cutter" package. Since then, I have seen a big change in this. Couples are very interested in hiring people for exactly what they need and making their wedding unique to them. I love the creativity and variety that goes into each event. 

8) The best advice you would give to future brides?
-Hire a planner to help you with selecting the best vendor team to bring your wedding day together. Having a professional and reliable team of vendors to execute your vision makes a big difference. I also encourage couples to hire vendors that they are excited to see on their wedding day, especially when it comes to their photographer, planner and videographer. These are people that will be around them for the majority of the day, and it really helps when there is a comfort level and trust with those professionals.


    5 Awesome and fun Wedding Themes

    The most common question that wedding planners receive from soon to be newlyweds is how they can make their wedding different especially if they have friends who are getting hitched around the same date. The best way to personalize your special day is to incorporate something that reminds others of you such as your favorite color, song, or even superhero! Here are five extremely fun and creative themed weddings that caught our eyes. 

    1. The Zombie Apocalypse

    The popular TV The Walking dead has people obsessing over the idea of zombie apocalypse and has even breeched into the wedding scene. This is such a fun theme for those couples who plan on getting married around halloween. Below is an engagement shoot inspired by the zombie theme. To see more examples click here

    Found on Bridal Guide . 

    Found on Bridal Guide . 

    2. Disney Theme
    This is the perfect theme for any bride who grew up watching disney princess movies and had a collection of disney princess costumes (I definitely did.). Here is a featured couple who decided to recreate the Cinderella story for their wedding. To see examples of other Disney themes click here

    Found on Bridal Guide. 

    Found on Bridal Guide

    3. Video Games
    Who doesn’t love video games?! The majority of us grew up playing video games as kids. Here are some video game accents you can add to a gaming themed wedding celebration which are sure to please all guests attending. To see more examples of video game themed weddings click here

    Found on Bridal Guide. 

    Found on Bridal Guide

    4. Lego 
    With The Lego Movie spotlighting one of our loved childhood favorite toys, naturally it makes fans think of way to incorporate it into their wedding day. Here are examples of some fun ways to include minifigures and lego bricks into the big-day. Click here to view more examples from other Lego themed weddings. 

    Found on Bridal Guide. 

    Found on Bridal Guide

    5. Superhero 
    From the Avengers to Fantastic Four movies releasing over summer, who wouldn't want to include their favorite comic book character into their wedding? Superhero movies are popular amongst all ages. Here are some ways to incorporate the theme into your wedding. Click here to view more examples of how to incorporate superhero themes into your wedding. 

    Found on Bridal Guide. 

    Found on Bridal Guide

    These witty themes are sure to set your "I do's" apart from the rest! Hope this post spurs up some creative ideas. 

    The Perfect Palette Feature

               One of our featured brides Angelia had her wedding featured on the popular blog The Perfect Palette. The Perfect Palette is one of the top ten most popular wedding blogs on the internet. The post discusses how her and her husband reunited after high school. 

              Our team of stylists Rayana, Lino, and Cheri arrive at the Double Tree Bridal Suite to prep her and her bridal party for the big day. Lino gave Angelia a pretty half up wavy hairstyle embedded with adornments. Rayana gave her golden smokey eyes with soft pinks lips to compliment the look! Below are a few photos from her beautiful wedding provided by Ryan and Denise Photography

    Click here to read blog post. 

    Click here to view more pictures. 

    5 Trendy Bridal Hair Accessories

    Deciding on which hair piece to wear on your big day? There’s so many options on the market its hard to come to a solid verdict. We’ve collected some trendy- unconventional bridal hair accessories that have been spotted on the 2015 Bridal runways to aid in your selection process.

    1. Origami Hair Accessories
    This trend is made for the fashion forward bride- it is bold yet attainable. Since it is such a daring accessory, these are great when paired with simple structured dresses. The attention will be drawn more towards your beauty than your dress. 

    Seen on the runways of Carolina Herrera, Galia Lahay, and YolanCris.

    Found on Bride Magazine  

    Found on Bride Magazine  

    Found on In the Fun Lane 

    Found on In the Fun Lane 

    2. Light Up Floral Crowns
    These game of throne inspired light up floral head pieces were seen on the runway of Reem Acra’s Fall 2015 Collection. These would be chic for both a destination wedding or the conventional chruch wedding. It’ll definitely add some umph to any plain simple wedding gown. 

    Found on Bridal Musings 

    Found on Bridal Musings 

    Found on PopSugar 

    Found on PopSugar 

    3. Baby’s Breathe Accents 
    These little wildflowers are cute dainty adornments that are stylish when doted through out any braided pieces in your hair. This is a trend that any bride can pull off because it is so small and simple while adding a chic twist to your hairstyle. 

    Seen on runways of Marchesa and Elizabeth Stuart. 

    4. Hair Chains
    These give a very bohemian feel to your bridal look. They are great edgy decorative pieces to add into your hair or under your veil. 

    Seen on Spring 2015 Galia Lahav Bridal show. 

    Found on PopSugar 

    Found on PopSugar 

    Found on PopSugar 

    Found on PopSugar 

    5. Glorious Crowns 
    Tiaras are a very traditional head piece for bridal hairstyles, but lately savvy bold crowns have been taking over the bridal runways. It might not make it as a wedding staple, but these would be beautiful for your photo session. Its a fun flare to add to your look. You can op for floral crowns for something less bold. 

    Seen on the runways of Ivy & Aster, Reem Acra, Maggie Sottero, and Stone Fox Bride. 

    Found on BridalMusing

    Found on BridalMusing

    These hair accessories are far from the traditional bridal staple pieces that we are used to. These trendy hair accessories will add some spunk and originality to your bridal look and even if these are too bold for your actual wedding they’d look great in your wedding photos!  

    Bridal Beauty from Rent the Runway

    Want to wear Designer Brands but can’t afford the retail costs? There’s several online boutiques that rent out apparel and accessories for a small fee. One of these wonderful sites is Rent the Runway (brought to our attention by one of our lovely brides). 

    Here is a photo of one of our brides who rented her hair piece from Rent the Runway. Hair done by Holli Chris. 

    Here is a photo of one of our brides who rented her hair piece from Rent the Runway. Hair done by Holli Chris. 

    Rent the Runway is a great way to save money on your Bridal accessories and gowns. Its an online service that supplies designer dresses and accessory rentals. You can lease Rent the Runway’s designer dresses and accessories for an 8-day period costing 10% of the retail price. Each dress rental contains a back-up size with no additional cost You can also add on a second dress style for an additional $32.50. The prices include dry cleaning costs of the garments rented. Rent the Runway equips customers with a pre-paid, pre-addressed package to return the items that were leased, and offers a $5 insurance fee to protect against accidents. 

    Rent the Runway has a wide range of designer dresses and accessories. They even have a Bridal category to ease your search. Not only do they have items for the bride they always have dresses to lease to your bridesmaid. Rent the Runway is a great way to save money on your wedding expenses, especially on gowns that you are most likely only going to wear once in your lifetime. It also provides the luxury of wearing designer goods without costing an arm and a leg. 

    Rent the Runway is a very credible website. It was named one of the 50 companies disrupting the status-quo by CNBC, one of the 10 most innovative fashion companies by Fast Company in 2011, and one of the 50 best websites of 2010 by TIME magazine. CEO and Co-Founder Jennifer Hyman was named one of the “12 Most Disruptive Names in Business” in 2013 by Forbes and was included on Fortune’s “Trailblazers” list of individuals changing the face of business in 2013.

    You don’t have to spend a ton of money on designer named dresses and accessories on your big day. Renting bridal accessories and gowns is practical and safe. It takes the hassle of reselling your wedding dresses and the stress of spending thousands on your wardrobe for your special day. Check out Rent the Runway. 

    How to incorporate Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year into Your wedding.

             Marsala was declared color of 2015 by Pantone due to the richness of the tasteful hue. It can be added as a strong accent to a color theme or make a great statement by standing on its own. Its full bodied characteristics can be accentuated when its paired with textured surfaces, making it an ideal choice for wedding features. Its a stylish tone that is appealing to bother men and women translates well into beauty and interior design. Here are a few ways to incorporate the color tone into your wedding. 

    1. Red Velvet Desserts
    Aside from being delicious, red velvet also happens to be Marsala’s color tone. This is a great way of incorporating Pantone’s color of the year without being obvious. Red Velvet macarons are a party favorite. 


    2. Complimentary Colors
    Marsala makes for a great accent color. Its rich tone easily compliments makes for a lavish and elegant feeling. This can be done by adding red berries to your champagne glasses, or pairing marsala hued florals with gold table settings. Another popular team is dusty rose, peach, and Marsala to lighten the atmosphere of your wedding. These champagne hues illuminate Marsala creating a gradient effect of deep rich winter tones to pastel spring colors. 


    3. Rose Gold Beauty 
    Marsala is a beautiful way to incorporate pinker tones without being loud with your makeup or hair. Its vixenish yet subtle, a great color that provides highlight for the cheek bones, soft eyeshadow hues, and lips. Theres also the option of having rose blush semi-permanent balayage hair (see Park Avenue Blog for this story). 

    There you have it, three simples way to incorporate Pantone's color of the year into your special day. Marsala is vivid and at the same time sophisticated, the full-bodied red-brown will bring warmth into your wedding.